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In 1987, Stanley Kubrick released one of the most acclaimed feature films that created a stir within the Marine Corps community — Full Metal Jacket. The movie was an instant hit and, suddenly, veterans and active-duty service members of all ages started memorizing the film's dialogue and working it into their daily conversations.

Although the film debuted more than 30 years ago, its epic storyline and unique characters contribute to today's popular culture. Full Metal Jacket still manages to engage audiences, even after we've seen it a dozen times. Now, in the age of memes, Full Metal Jacket lives on.

1.Marine drill instructors can always find that one thing a recruit is sensitive about.

Why isn't he standing at the position of attention?

2.Let us know what you think — and be honest.

We, of course, choose Animal Mother.

3.They'll probably find that donut after they haul his body away and clear out his belongings...

Taking jabs at Pvt. Pyle never gets old.

4.We wonder how many recruiters told people Vietnam was tons of fun...

Too bad his vacation didn't end well...

5.We all know where this famous line came from.

"Ain't war hell?"

6.Everyone has a war face buried deep down in their soul.


7.Poor Pvt. Pyle. Once again, we picked on you. We'll make it up to you tonight, at the blanket party.

He was the guest of honor.

8.Everyone gets cranky when they're hungry but, g*ddamn, we didn't see this coming.

So that's what Animal Mother's problem was. We were way off!

9.We definitely don't want to play this game and neither should you.

Neither game has a winner...

10.We miss you, gunny. Semper Fi!

Now that's a war face.