The E-4 mafia is one of the tightest groups in the military. The group consists of service members who fall between the pay grades of E-1 and E-4 and is known for (unofficially) running the military. Sure, the senior enlisted and officers give the orders and the NCOs pass those organized plans along, but it's the mafia that gets sh*t done.

As a member of this unique club, you must follow an unwritten rule that states we don't talk about being in the mafia or the sh*t we pull off. Since most troops obey this fundamental rule, not much information gets out about this special, underground world. Although we're not allowed to speak about the mafia that much, it's definitely okay to crack jokes about the lifestyle through motherf*cking memes.

Let the humorous commentary begin!

1.Irwin was totally right about how to spot members of the mafia. Be very quiet when you cross into their environment — and don't forget to bring beer.

2.Members of the mafia have proven that smoking causes a temporary loss of hearing.

3.The only motivation the mafia members have to get through their sh*tty work week.

4.Every so often, we f*ck up and get busted. Let's face it, we don't care.

5.Yup, looks good enough!

6.The mafia never leaves the side of another member. It's a brotherhood.

7.We are incredibly sneaky. The members who have since been promoted out of the mafia taught us well.

8.Cheers to the mafia.

9.We are everywhere at all times. Write that sh*t down.

10.The truest words ever spoken.

To all the current members of the E-4 Mafia: Cheers, and remember to enjoy your time in the suck.