Living in a military barracks is an experience unlike any other. You'll either get stuck in an absolute sh*thole where nothing works or, by some crazy stroke of luck, you'll score a place in a little palace that has a functioning TV.

Regardless, you'll come away with some epic memories of dumb working parties and hilarious stories of trying to sneak temporary partners through your front door.

Man, we miss the barracks... Just kidding, they suck. Let's remember the suck together with these memes:

1.Our military is incredibly patriotic, but we get confused from time to time

Where the hell is the flag?

2.When you're an E-1, you don't get paid much

Every drop is worth a lot to troops less fortunate than you.

3.When you run out of time and can't make it to the PX before Monday morning

This Marine probably thinks his staff sergeant won't notice. They will.


4.The condition of a barracks room when you get it doesn't matter — it's how you give it back.

F*ck my life...

5.This is probably the happiest moment of his month. He'll feel even better if she actually looks in his direction.

She won't, though.

6.Maybe gunny won't recognize them?

Their name tapes are definitely not a giveaway.


7.You're never off work when you live in the barracks.

Hiding is you're only logical way out of sweeping the common spaces.

8.Your military brothers and sisters will always have your back.

The best wingman you'll ever have...


9.It's like Disneyland, only way cheaper.

Imagine the possibilities...


10.They see everything.

And we mean everything.

11.Damn all of your drinking regulations

No matter how small a barracks room is, we'll always find places to hide our beer.