These are the 50 best COVID-19 memes for the week of April 13

Laughter is the best medicine. Well, at least until they find medicine.

Another week of quarantine, another round of memes. The Tiger King references are slowing down since 99% of the population has already seen it, made fun of it and determined Carol Baskin is actually THE WORST. But the rest of the problems in the world are still very much being leveraged for a little dark humor.

Hope you and your families are staying safe, washing your hands and have plenty of liquor and TP.

1. Stop the throwbacks 

I'm sure them seeing you smiling right after your senior prom before you got to graduate with all of your friends is making them feel super supported. Whatever, we still like seeing who is clearly doing the botox and who had hair way back when.

2. Truth bomb

Turns out there is a right way to load the dishwasher, Steve.

3. Stimulus check 

Nothing to see here, nothing to see.

4. Graphs

We're okay without the anarchy but the zombies would have at least given us some sports.

5. Make your decision now

You shouldn't be sick of any of the local places.

6. Natural beauty 

The mascara down to your cheeks look is the new smoky-eye.

7. Part of your world 

Even Michael Scott knows the rules.

8. Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

The good old days.

9. Princess Bride

Another great movie in case you haven't finished Netflix yet.

10. Sweet Forrest 

Life is like a box of chocolates and a dangerous one at that, especially if you share that with someone who is right next to you.

11. The walls are closing in 

It's about to be Thunderdome in here.

12. What day is it? 

Best part, neither one of them have on pants. #spiritanimal

13. Prime time 

You'd better chlorox her too!

14. Romeo & Juliet would have been fine

Well, up until they weren't.

15. Snow White knows

Grumpy is spot on these days.

16. Must be nice

There is no try. Only do or do not.

17. Flashback

We'll never drink a corona the same again

18. Those coupons!

It's all a marketing ploy to get more customers in the TP deficit.

19. Casual Friday

Might protect your face but it's so hard to type with those tiny little t-rex arms!

20. Nature is healing 

This one quacked us up. You're welcome.

21. Desperate times

It's like being in a carwash, for dishes.

22. Groundhog Day

Even the super heroes are restless.

23. Commute

Really Homer, we know you aren't putting pants on to go downstairs.

24. Jacked!

And feed myself pancakes in bed.

25. Live footage

She's gonna need a whole lotta time at the spa.

26. What a relief

As long as they don't sneeze, you're good.

27. My precious

That rocks. (See what we did there?)

28. Double meaning

Not like you were going to get together anyhow...

29. Scrub-a-dub

This hand sanitizer is so moisturizing, said no one ever.

30. Largest piece of the pie

Did I always touch it this much?

31. Even the celebrities are alone 

Hopefully he'll use this time to write something amazing for us.

32. Never let go Jack

It's your time to shine and provide comfort.

33. I only had one drink 

Wonder what skills she'll find out she has after that beverage?

34. Cruise ship 

Samesies. Except not at all.

35. Zoom progression

We call this developing to our surroundings. Also, breaking.

36. Sweet ride 

Making teachers everywhere proud of your newfound independence brought to you by day-drinking during homeschool.

37. Can't touch this

We know someone will eventually cave for that.

38. Even the emojis are sick 

But do the animals have on masks too?

39. Suntan lines

Cruise this time of year: $80. Mask lines: priceless

40. Thieves oil please

Sell it all to me!

41. Bring your own lighter

It's much easier to judge people from a perch.

42. Sneeze? 

Is that you, Rona?

43. Pass the tacos

It's hard to be in quarantine.

44. Smocked and bows

No, we don't know where you can buy this.

45. The forbidden flower

Its magic is dying.

46. Sums it up

Everything is fine!

47. Slap your face

Too bad you can't see your mom to ask her.

48. YouTubers

Time to find a new goal, kids.

49. But tickets were so cheap

Not worth the risk buddy.


Well, at least you don't have to search COVID-19 memes, because we have the best ones right here. Stay safe!