Bring it on, virus! Not physically, of course, but as a figure of speech, we're ready for your worst! That's because, as milspos, we know a thing or two about dealing with things that are beyond our control. In a time of crisis, we are perfectly prepared to deal with whatever comes along.

Don't believe us? Just take a look at your milspo resume and see how many resources you have to call upon in the current global situation.

1.We’re used to plans that change

Moving next month? PCS on hold? School dates changing and a delayed redeployment? That's cake. Sure, we might stress about the details, but it's not like this is our first go-round with order hitting the fan. Just sit back, take on each obstacle as you can and downplay the stress of those around you with you with your, "Been here before, rocked it!" attitude.

2.Crazy has lost its shock value

You've got to try really hard to shock military spouses with wild news. Sure, the pandemic might be getting close, but the most experienced of the spousal ranks are lowkey, asking, "So?" Think just how helpful it is to have gotten all your wows out in early military life so you can take the pandemic in stride.

3.Distance is our game

Living far from family is part of a military family's definition. That means isolating ourselves from others is no big deal. Sure you might miss faces, but it's not like you haven't done this over and over again. Hunker down, take advantage of video calls and remember it could be worse. At least you don't have to memorize a new address.

4.Entertainment on the go

With every move, with every adjusted plan, you've had to make a schedule on the fly. That means keeping kids busy, family meals that incorporate whatever's left in the cabinet and more. Better yet, you can do it all with ease! Put your years of home service to good work through the pandemic with a family that's fed and entertained, even through less than ideal circumstances.

What's your best go-with-the-flow tip for milspouses?