Every day, Hospital Corpsman encounter challenges and surprises they just can't predict. Whether they're stationed with the Marines, working sick call in a hospital, or sitting behind a desk handling necessary paperwork — it can get hard out there for a Doc.

But one thing that never changes is their comedic outlook and perspective on how they see the world around them.

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So check out these 11 memes that are way too real for every Corpsman.

1. Directions are hard


2. Because that's the only military story they have

3. We don't like that

4. Because a Doc takes care of his Marines

5. So true!

6. Since there's no time to study because you're always in the field, just passing the advancement test is a blessing

7. The silver bullet also has a healing ability

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8. They will totally laugh in your face

9. It's called "patient poaching" and it's not cool

10. We have a big job to do and not a lot to do it with

11. Fun fact: Marines love their Corpsmen ... if they're not sh*t bags

Can you think of any others? Comment below.