Love him or hate him, President-Elect Donald Trump has a signature tweeting style.

Often imitated, he is sometimes accused of distorting facts. He's got the diction that causes friction and the inflection that won an election.

With 16.5 million followers and each of them reading every tweet, Trump has the power to teach America a little something about its own history.

Hold on to your mortarboards: Here is every American war, as explained by Trump tweets. (Via TrumpTweetGenerator)

1. The American Revolution

2. Quasi-War

3. Barbary Wars

4. War of 1812

5. Indian Wars

6. Mexican-American War

7. The U.S. Civil War

8. Spanish-American War

9. Philippine-American War

10. Boxer Rebellion

11. World War I

12. World War II

13. Korean War

14. Vietnam War

15. Cold War

16. Invasion of Grenada

17. Invasion of Panama

18. Desert Storm

As for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, you can read his real views on his actual twitter account.