Time for another round of memes. This week we're doing something a little different by highlighting the infamous urinalysis. That's right, the pee test. They say it's necessary for a sober military, but it's really more like a creepy invasion of privacy. What, they don't trust us?

Urinalysis is the fastest way to get everyone on pins and needles.

Even if they don't use drugs.

You know it's going to be a long day when it starts like this ...

She seems chipper.

That reaction to urinalysis raises suspicions.

Hmmm, why is she so happy?

Meanwhile, across the room, there's downer Dave with a lot on his mind.

Downer Dave is the guy who blows his paycheck the same day he receives it.

And why are urinalysis observers people you rarely see in your unit?

Oh yea, that's why.

It's the same look he gives you when you're wearing silkies.

There's a fine balance between going on demand and holding it.

How it feels when it's finally your turn.

The creepy level goes up a notch.

Too bad "pecker checker" is already taken.

Most times, peeing into the urinal is good enough, and there's this guy ...

Asks you to turn slightly sideways so he can see the penis, urine stream, and cup.

What he looks like when you turn and face him.

The feeling you get when it's finally over, nevermind the observer.

Then, there's the pondering boot.

Stop thinking, you're not allowed to think.