The 12 Funniest Military Memes This Week

It's time for our meme round up, but first a little disclaimer. This week we did things a little different. We trolled Ranger Up's Facebook page to bring you our favorite Ranger Up memes. But there's more, we also pulled meme replies from their fans. Here's what we got:

As it turns out, no one is safe on Ranger Up's Facebook page, not even the Navy SEALs.

Whatever happen to Delta Force anyways? They need to hire a new PR firm.

Really, this is how it is.

Don't worry Delta Force, patience is a virtue.

Or you could take a page from the E-4 Mafia and use your time like this ...

The E-4 Mafia can get very creative.

For some, this is the most action they'll get.

This is what happens when things get real.

A move like this qualifies you as the ultimate blue falcon.

No one likes a blue falcon.

How soldiers feel when they get a hooah.

Ranger Up is our reference for Air Force jokes. Here's one of our favorites.

Sometimes, when Ranger Up starts their meme wars, they let others fire first. Sometimes.

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