It's Tax Day, so don't forget to file and/or pay. You know what's not taxing? Military memes. Now that you're probably broke, here's a few you can enjoy for free.

1. Tax Day is the day the government makes sure military members pay their fair share of their own salaries. (via The Salty Soldier)

2. Even death isn't an escape. (via Decelerate Your Life)

3. To be fair, you can't fit the Air Force salad bar in a 2002 Civic. (via Pop Smoke)

4. She's a harsh mistress. (via Air Force Memes & Humor)

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4. I always said the Air Force doesn't get enough safety briefings. (via Air Force Nation)

5. I give this guy 4 out of 5 Hurt Lockers. (via Marine Corps Memes)



6. The Navy is acting like a bunch of sailors lately. (via The Reactor is Critical)

7. How did she know it was a Coastie? (There are military members who've never seen an actual Coast Guardsman.)

8. Accurate. (via Air Force Nation)

9. Nothing says freedom like that cat's face. (via The Salty Soldier)

10. Jody keeps getting younger. (via Sh-t my LPO says)

11. I honestly never know if I should feel guilty or proud when answering this question.

12. Nothing's worse than the gas station cashier who tells you all about how he "woulda joined, but..."


13. Logan Nye will be back to the memes rundown next week. He was busy this week.