"Salty" is a term from the United States Navy used to describe an experienced sailor – someone for whom the romanticized idea of ship life is gone and replaced with sea salt.

Recently WATM published photos from the 1898 Spanish-American War that were found during a U.S. Navy archive office renovation. One of our readers asked if we could find historical photos of the  U.S. Navy's saltiest sailors throughout history, so we did.

Check these sea dogs out:

An older sailor with a young one, circa 1917.


Chief Petty Officers playing "Acey-Deucy" on the USS Baltimore, 1904


Exchanging seas stories, circa 1900


Sailors aboard the USS Oregon, circa 1900


These are U.S. Navy sailors from the Spanish-American War period. This photo was recently found in an archival building.


The crew of the Holland, the Navy's first commissioned Submarine in 1899


Sailors from the USS Hartford, circa 1876


Sailors aboard the USS Ohio circa 1870.


Sailors of the Union Navy during the Civil War, 1865


Confederate officers aboard the CSS Alabama, 1863


Admiral DD Porter, 1860


A Mexican-American War Era Navy Commander, circa 1850