Going supersonic at altitude is one thing, but when you're feeling the need for speed there's nothing like taking it down low for a little "speed rush baseline" calibration. And more the better if the gang happens to be there on the ground to capture the action for posterity (and WATM GIF creation).

But beware of a couple of things: Unless you're a Blue Angel (see #7) unauthorized low passes are a great way to lose your flight status. And Rule No. 1 of aviation is you can only tie the record for low flight.

So, let's rock . . .

1. RAF Harrier

2. Ukranian MiG-29

3. Spitfire

4. Nevada Air National Guard F-4 Phantom

5. RAF Jaguar

6. Norwegian F-16 Fighting Falcon

7. U.S. Navy Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet