What do you say when people ask if you killed anyone?

This question is almost inevitable when civilians find out you're a war veteran. How do you explain that feeling to someone who never fought in a war?

"I know it's not right to do this, but I have to. If I focused on it for one minute, I would lose my mind. So I didn't."

Most people, even many veterans, will never know what it's like to kill another human being, especially in combat. A video series, On Killing, produced by Cut.com, asked six war veterans of various eras and countries the difficult questions about killing in warfare.

"I didn't give a f*ck who he was. I was trying to keep me alive."

"One minute you have somebody walking along and the next it's just a lump of flesh."

Six war veterans discuss their experiences in the series. This includes Lonnie, an infantryman during the Vietnam War:

Josh, a sniper in Operation Enduring Freedom:

Daniel, a machine gunner during the Vietnam War:

Qassim, an Iraqi who was forced into Saddam Hussein's army during the Iran-Iraq War:

Lance, a 3rd generation Army veteran and veteran of the Kosovo War:

Jonathan, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran: