A lot of great things happened this week. The U.S. is in a full-on trade war with everyone. There's a news draft of the latest tax form for this year, the Supreme Court's wildcard justice announced plans to retire, and Trump is going to meet Putin face-to-face.

Is this good? Is this bad? We're not here to tell you that. And honestly, you should decide for yourselves. We're here right now to give you memes. Dank memes. And in the world of dank military memes, the fallout from the Space Force is ongoing.

And hilarious.

1. Meanwhile the Civil Space Patrol demands recognition.

Imagine the Space Force JROTC.

2. The Midrats version of Thanksgiving is where you give it back.

Just add salt. A lot of salt.

(Decelerate Your Life)

3. This doesn't apply to pilots.

They already left for their dream job at American Airlines.

4. Chicken and Tequila Tuesday is the next big thing.

Ice 101 and shrimp are never going to happen.

5. Work-life balance is important.

But welcome to the Navy.

6. Troops put a ring on it.

A $200.00 ring, but still.

7. When chaplains buy a boat.

In nomini paratus.

8. RIP Chief Leahy.

We hardly knew ye.

9. That FOD walk is gonna be a pain in the ass.

Moon dust. Moon dust everywhere.

10. Red Bull gives you wings. Monster gives you an Air Force.

He just gained the knowledge of Enlisted Jesus.

11. Who was taking photos of me yesterday?

Glad someone can talk to those animals below decks.

12. Eminem did not age well.

Forgot about Trey.

13. You get three Romulan Ales a day on Mars.

Meanwhile the Marines are on FOB Mercury.