Technically, there are five branches of service to choose from if you're thinking about joining the military (including the Coast Guard). There's a high level of rivalry among branches that can spark a lot of friendly sh*t talking. As veterans, we still love to take cheap shots at one another — but it's always in good fun.

We've said it time-and-time again that the military has a dark sense of humor and we flex those comedic muscles at the other branches as often as possible. Since the U.S. Navy is hands-down the most dominant force to ever patrol the high seas, sailors do things that no other branch can do: kick ass while floating in the middle of nowhere.

The Army and the Air Force can't compete with the Navy since they have no ships. The Marines can't conduct business without the Navy navigating them around the world. Lastly, The Coast Guard is a bunch of land-hugging puddle jumpers.

Since we managed to sh*t talk to everyone (in good fun), it's time to nail each of them, once again, through memes making you reconsider why you didn't join the Navy instead.

1.If you ever see this massive aircraft carrier sailing toward, you should either be happy or run like hell.

2.Dear Army, don't step foot in the water unless you know how to swim.

3.It's okay, Coast Guard. You'll be on the Navy's level once you decide to join a real branch of service.

4.We've seen it time and time again; you should have joined the American Navy instead.

5.No matter how badass and powerful you might think you are, remember, the U.S. Navy is way freakin' bigger... and they're coming for you.

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6.Shots fired!

7.All in a day's work.

8.The Navy has your back, even when you're super freakin' drunk and don't know how to get home.

9.You can always join the Navythe next time around.

10.Navy SEALS and Hospital Corpsman always find a way to get the girls they want. But you have to join the Navy first.

11.No other branch of service will ever carry on the legacy of 'sky dick' like the Navy.