Since the halcyon days of World War II frogmen, Navy SEALs have completed some of the most dangerous missions while remaining hidden in shadows — until the tell-all book comes out, that is.

Although the few who have earned the beloved SEAL Trident are considered the toughest the military has to offer, like anybody, they also have a humorous side the world rarely gets to see — until now.

So, kick back, enjoy and try not to laugh too hard — they could be watching.

1.You know you're a badass when scuba gear and a rifle are your uniform for the day.

2.You might claim to be "the captain now," but when you enter a SEAL's crosshairs, you might want to rethink your position.

We're pretty sure they meant King Salman, not the king of upstream swimming.

3.Well, when you put it like that, I guess I'm not...

4.It sounds simple enough, right?

5.Who thinks she kind of looks like Demi Moore in 'G.I. Jane?' If so, you need your eyes checked.

6.When the level of brotherhood hits an all-time high.

7.Imagine you're a drug lord chilling on your massive yacht and, suddenly, these guys pop out of the water... F*ck that!

8.Nailed it!

9.You're not a badass until you can look tough as f*ck wearing tan short-shorts. It's a talent.

Did you really think these memes were going to be disrespectful? If so, you're crazier than we thought. We're talking about the Navy SEALs here — we're not taking that risk.