It would be incredibly impressive if you somehow managed to exist in 2019 without hearing about Game of Thrones; specifically, about the show's controversial finale. People were, um, displeased about the way creators decided to bring the series to end, and it got pretty intense. Fans were so upset that over a million of them signed a petition on to convince HBO to remake the final season. Now, the network is finally addressing the plea.

How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

Sorry to disappoint, but it looks like it's not happening. In a TV critics' meeting on Wednesday, HBO programming chief Casey Bloys said the network had no plans to recreate the show's final episodes. Bloys did, however, add that he appreciates fans' intensity and passion for Game of Thrones.

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But don't worry, there's more good news! HBO still plans to move forward with the prequel to the HBO series based on George R.R. Martin's books. Bloys reported that the first episode just finished taping in Ireland and it's looking "really good." The prequel takes place thousands of years prior to the original series, and stars Australian actress Naomi Watts. There aren't too many details on what this series will entail in terms of plot, but Bloys assures fans that the negative reaction to the Game of Thrones finale won't have any impact on the show.

A bit disappointing but even so, the new prequel will surely be just as impressive as the original series. Earlier this month, the HBO hit just received a record-breaking 32 Emmy nominations despite fan uproar.

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