I've always wondered how Independence Day came to be known colloquially as "the 4th of July." No other holiday is ever referred to by the date on which it falls. Despite the ongoing War on Christmas, you never hear anyone saying, "Happy 25th of December!"

Or "Happy Last Thursday In November!"

It's just weird.

What's not weird is getting sick of tea and opting to drink coffee to kickstart the whole "experiment in democracy" thing, then celebrating it every July 4th with copious amounts of beer, burgers, and explosives.

If you still have your thumbs, give two of them up to these dank memes. Happy 6th of July!

1. Take note.

But it's gonna be WAY harder this time around, guys.

2. Someone promote this Marine.

Then reuse them at IHOP on Veterans Day.

(Untied Status Marin Crops)

3. Coast Guardsmen don't do Tinder.

You know it's love if she responds.

(Coast Guard Memes)

4. It is that hot.

Cool down with three beers and three beers only.

5. Get those wrenches involved.

Because most of you can't get pregnant.

6. Most airmen think this too.

Guns are difficult, too.

7. A hero after three months?

"Oooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeah"

(Decelerate Your Life)

8. Porter is some strong stuff.

One more reason not to drink tea.

(Pop Smoke)

9. "Where's Bosnia, grandpa?"

"No idea."

(Salty Soldier)

10. We get going early.

Keep dreaming.

(Broken and Unreadable)

11. "Also, it's in a dumpster."

And it's full of 12 horses' poop.

12. "Whatever this thing is, it’s shaming us."

"You were special to the Taliban. Now they're dead. I guess it was me you should have impressed."


13. Get that uniform ready.

I'm flying to my recruiter.

(Air Force amn/nco/snco)