Movie fans everywhere rejoiced when Tom Cruise officially announced that a sequel to Top Gun was in the works, as the original remains a beloved classic for its memorable quotes, thrilling action, and, of course, the most badass volleyball sequence in the history of film. Now Top Gun lovers have even more of a reason to get excited, as it was announced early July 2018 that Miles Teller has been cast to play the son of Goose, Maverick's original flying partner, in the highly anticipated sequel.

On July 3, 2018, Teller confirmed he was pumped about Top Gun 2, linking to an article announcing his casting with the caption: "I feel the need…" For now, it is not entirely clear how prominent of a role Teller will have in the film, though rumors have circulated that Goose's son will be one of Maverick's proteges in the new Top Gun.

In the original movie, Goose (Anthony Edwards) is Maverick's best friend and is shown to be his primary source of emotional support throughout the movie. However, during a flight, the two are forced to eject and Goose is accidentally killed when he hits the jettisoned aircraft canopy head-first.

Beyond Cruise and Teller's involvement, not much is currently known about the upcoming sequel, though in an interview, director Joseph Kosinski said fans shouldn't expect Top Gun 2 to be a clone of the original.

"The Navy is very different now than it was in 1986. Back then, they hadn't been in any war for 15 or 20 years at that point," Kosinski told "The tone of that movie and what those guys were doing was very different. Now, here in 2017, the Navy's been at war for 20 years. It's just a different world now, so you can't remake the first movie."

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