Lower enlisted troops start to develop military humor very early on in their careers. It's a talent that helps troops mentally balance the amount of crap they have to put up with as they settle into a new lifestyle.

Standing a 24-hour duty is filled with painfully boring moments and time never seems to pass by as you'd want it to.

Don't worry, we've got a few ideas to help pass the time.

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1. Film a YouTube video

Everyone watches YouTube at one time or another; feel free to get your story out there.

2. Come up with new jokes for the back of the green log book

At some military commands, if you open to the very back of the famous green log book, there just might be a collection of jokes handwritten there. If you're bored, think of some new ones and add them in. It's a fun way to keep your mind off the fact you're standing a boring-ass duty.

This Marine has the right idea. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Betzabeth Y. Galvan)

3. F*ck with rovers

If you're a "DNCO," or duty non-commissioned officer, you're going to have an A-Duty to order around. Use that to your advantage and let your imagination run wild as you send them out on dumb missions.

4. Then, f*ck with the pizza guy

You're going to get hungry. 99.9% of the time, you're going to order a large pizza — maybe some wings. If the delivery guy is a civilian, then f*ck with them after you get your pizza. If you do it too soon, your pie might get sabotaged.

5. Practice your knife-hand in the mirror

It sounds dumb when you say it out loud, but it's still kind of fun.

He executes perfect knife-hands because of tons of practice.

6. Watch the boots get hazed

After your unit gets a "boot drop," the seasoned guys will want to leave a fresh mark on the newbies that show up. It's entertaining to watch the new guys get "trained" after normal working hours.

7. Chain smoke

Smoking gives you a reason to leave the duty hut. So, take advantage of it.

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8. Edit your YouTube video

You filmed an epic video, now it's time to edit and add voiceover to it.

(Rod Keller | YouTube)

9. Hide a porn magazine inside of a field manual and read it

No one will ever find out. Well, we hope not at least.

10. Play video games on your phone until the Officer of the Day comes around

Try and get that high score and earn your place atop the leaderboards. You'll have plenty of time until the OOD shows up.

11. Continuously call your relief to remind them to show up on time

The last thing you want is to get off duty a second later than you have to.

12. After your relief shows up, post your new YouTube video online

Tell your story of courage to the whole world!

(Terminal Boots | YouTube)