Platoon sergeants aren't there to be liked by the platoon, they're there to make sure the platoon is prepared for every mission.

But, when a platoon sergeant gets along with their troops, it's great for morale.

Personally, we think there'd no better person for the job than Wade Wilson, a.k.a Deadpool. Why?

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1. He's freaking hilarious

Platoon sergeants have a special talent for humor, almost as if they teach it at Infantry Unit Leaders Course. Deadpool has mastered the art like it's his job.

He also has a dirty sense of humor.

2. Deadpool isn't the "aye, sir" type

Deadpool bows to no one. Like any good platoon sergeant, if he disagrees with a higher-up, he says something about it — which means he would always fight for his guys.

The lower enlisted members of the platoon love platoon sergeants who are willing to fight on their behalf at the company office.

3. He's always willing to joke around

Deadpool earned the title, "Merc with a mouth" by always finding the time to crack wise, using the previously-mentioned, professional-level sarcasm. This is a quality shared by the best platoon sergeants and adored by the lower enlisted members of their platoons.

Even in the heat of battle, he finds the time to crack a joke.

4. He has no filter

When explaining to a higher-up that he disagrees with something, you know Deadpool won't veil his point in metaphor — he's going to be blunt and honest. And he'll probably be absolutely hilarious in the process.

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5. Deadpool is nearly impossible to kill

Most platoon sergeants are seemingly bulletproof, but Deadpool actually bulletproof. If wounded, he can simply regenerate, making him an extremely hard target.

He can survive anything you throw or shoot at him... or stab or blow him up with. (Image from 20th Century Fox's Deadpool)