Looks like troops will stop doing drills in South Korea and actually be pulled out of there. Great. Now every unit is going to get some Joe who was just stationed there that'll constantly complain about how "South Korea was so much better" than their new unit — despite constantly talking sh*t while there.

It's always the same lower-enlisted troop. You know the type. They'll show up just barely in time for First Sergeant to call "fall in," they'll be hungover and smell like cigarettes at every formation, and it's almost a guarantee that they'll defend their sh*tty actions with a limp, "well, in my last unit..."

Have fun with that, NCOs. No one will blame you for tree-line counseling those fools.

1.If you think about it, getting out of long-ass runs is the military's way of congratulating troops for not taking up drugs.

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2.Mindless detail where you can joke with your buddies or being stuck in a training meeting, listening to how the good idea fairy will reshape the unit?

Tough call.

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3.NCOs' eyes are like the dinosaurs'. They can't see you unless you move.

I learned it from Jurassic Park, so it has to be true.

4.I plan on leaving this world the same way I came in: naked, screaming, and covered in someone else's blood.

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5.I'm a strong, independent veteran who don't need no chain of command.

6.Plot twist: The officer who gave the safety brief on not drinking and driving is the one who got the DUI.

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7.Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all... nothing at all... nothing at all...

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8.How else are snipers going to be seen? Safety first, people.

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9.There's a massive difference between being a "five-jump chump" and having your mustard stain.

Which basically cuts out every staff officer who wanted to impress the commander.

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10.Dysentery isn't just a thing from Oregon Trail.

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11.That moment when Gunny Wagner has had enough of your sh*t.

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12.One of the most soul-crushing things about the last few days before deploying is that you can't explain to your pets why you're going away for 12 months.

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13.You'd be amazed at how many troops don't actually use their GI Bill after leaving.