Kris Goldsmith is an Army combat Veteran who served in Iraq. As a 19 year-old, he was assigned the task of photographing corpses and documenting mass graves. He developed severe PTSD, and in 2007, as the result of a suicide attempt that caused him to miss redeployment, he was given a less-than-honorable discharge. After years of legal battles, that discharge was upgraded. Kris went on to become an advocate for veterans with “bad paper” discharges, and helped pass crucial legislation that helps them receive the benefits they deserve. Since then, Kris has turned to combating domestic right-wing extremism. To learn more about Kris’s time in the Army, listen to his episode of Warriors In Their Own Words.Find Kris on Twitter at @KrisGoldsmith85Learn more about his organization, High Ground Veterans Advocacy, here.Learn more about Kris’ work fighting domestic extremism here.