Shooting a weapon for the first time is a sensation you'll never freakin' forget. Squeezing off those epic rounds can make any gun owner smile from ear-to-ear.

On the flipside, many gun owners have no clue how to hold the weapon, chamber a round, and accurately fire it at a target without getting hurt.

There are several safety rules put in place for a reason, but countless people around the globe treat their weapons as if they were toys — and many end up having accidents as a result.

It's not that hard to follow the rules, but for reasons unknown, lots of people just don't understand them.

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8. The one-handed gunslinger who just ruined his rifle trying to show off.

Yup, his weapon is on fire and nope, he doesn't care. (Images via Giphy)

7. The guy who doesn't know the difference between the trigger and the magazine release.

One goes bang, while the other goes clank. (Images via Giphy)

6. Does anyone know why you'd want to put bullets in a blender? Seriously, comment below if you know the answer.

We're stumped. (Images via Giphy)

5. He's great at hitting nearby water jugs; now he needs practice nailing the downrange target.

Hit the deck! (Images via Giphy)

4. And the award for worst single-handed firing stance goes to...

Yup — dropping the pistol and running away is the right move. (Images via Giphy)

3. Next time, the shooter should consider wearing some shoulder pads before firing an elephant gun.

At least his left arm pain isn't from his heart giving out. (Images via Giphy)

2. Alcohol and guns do not mix.

Get this guy another beer. (Images via Giphy)

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1. Well, Bob. He had proper technique, but he just couldn't stick the landing.

Next time, try doing a double backflip. (Images via Giphy)