Master Sergeant Michael ‘Top’ Washington served in the Gulf War, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan between 1988 and 2004. He worked mainly in counterintelligence, and also became a Firefighter during this time. His son, Mike Jr., followed in his footsteps and joined the Marines. In 2008, Mike Jr. was killed during combat operations in Afghanistan. Mike Jr. 's Battalion, the 2/7, would be the hardest hit battalion in the Corps that year, with 160 men wounded and 20 killed. Since their return, the 2/7 have suffered 13 more casualties due to suicide.After his own severe struggles with mental health, Top found a new calling as a licensed therapist, focusing on fellow military veterans and first responders.To hear more about Top’s mental health recovery and his work as a licensed therapist, listen to his interview on Burn the Boats.