Watch this amazing police dog traverse tricky obstacles

Lachi is a male Belgian Malinois in the Moldovan Border Police who has earned himself some recognition for his skill at moving along thin ropes in training in order to retrieve his tennis ball. But Belgian Malinois are amazing dogs with an athletic bent that makes feats like this fairly simple.

A Belgian Malinois named Lachi has earned some celebrity for his video in which he traverses two thin ropes in order to retrieve his tennis ball.

The balance and dexterity needed are impressive even before Lachi takes an impressive 180-degree turn. His legs are slightly shaky at a few points, but he gets the job done for that ball.

Lachi is purportedly a Moldovan Border Guard working dog. While it may seem impossible that dogs could tightrope like this, Malinois are shockingly athletic dogs and adept climbers. They're also highly obedient and eager to please, so they can be trained to do things that might make them uncomfortable in the moment.

They're famous for the photos of them hurtling up walls and trees and the videos of them darting past special operators during training raids. They've been videoed running up trees and leaping dozens of feet laterally and over eight feet vertically.

In the military, they're commonly used as drug-sniffing dogs or explosive detectors as well as tactical weapons that serve with SEALs and other elite units. In fact, one of the team members that took down Osama Bin Laden's compound was Cairo, a Belgian Malinois.

It's this athleticism, combined with their intelligence and eagerness to please, that makes them such valuable working dogs. But, as some trainers like to point out, that doesn't make them perfect for the home. They need tons of exercise and companionship, and preferably a job to do.

Bred for herding, they do well with tasks, but can become destructive when left alone and unworked for much time. So enjoy Lachi and his feats, as well as clips of other awesome Malinois like this one, this one, or this one. But think long and hard before trying to get one of your own.