Five companies you didn't know were in the arms industry

Mario Felipe and Ruqayyah Moynihan
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While companies such as Mitsubishi and Rolls Royce are well-known for producing everything from motorbikes to air conditioners, they're not the only products the companies are manufacturing.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute's (SIPRI) most recent edition of its Arms Industry Database, includes a ranking of the top 100 companies involved in arms-production.

The ranking shows that 42 of the top 100 companies are US-based — while this isn't particularly shocking, it may come as a surprise that a number of the companies involved in arms-dealing are much better known for manufacturing other products, such as vehicles and household appliances.

Here are 5 of the biggest tech companies you may not have known also manufacture arms.

1. Fujitsu

Fujitsu's positioning isn't just down to the quietness of its air conditioners.

While, technically speaking, only a small portion of Fujitsu's business is focused on arms, manufacturing weapons earned the giant $1.11 billion in 2017, making up 3% of its total turnover.

2. Kawasaki

Though Kawasaki is renowned for producing motorcycles, it also sells ships and military aircraft.

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Kawasaki's sales in arms came to $2.14 million in 2017, making up 15.2% of its total turnover.

3. Saab

The former Swedish car manufacturer Saab relies heavily on arms production.

Having earned the company $2.67 million, arms made up 83.9% of Saab's $3.18 million turnover in 2017.

Since Saab's automobile production ended in 2012, it has since depended on the Swedish state.

4. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi produces vehicles as well as household appliances, such as air conditioners.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Ltd is a division within the larger Mitsubishi group. The company invoice showed it had totted up $3.57 billion worth of arms sales over 2017, making up 9.7% of its total sales.

5. Rolls Royce

The British company is famous for manufacturing cars.

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Placing 17th in the ranking of companies involved in arms sales, Rolls-Royce sold $4.42 billion worth of arms in 2017 — that represents 22.8% of its total turnover.

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