A new study was recently released by the VA that monitored the effects of drinking alcohol heavily on a daily basis. In case you weren't yet aware, regularly binge drinking is bad for you.

So, instead of joining in with the rest of society and bashing the VA for studying the painfully obvious, I'm actually going to take their side. Tracking. Sure, it's still a gigantic waste of time and money, but it's clever as f*ck if you think about it. Imagine being a doctor on that study. You've got nothing to do for a few months but drink free booze, you're still getting paid a doctor's salary, and the answer is clear as day well before you're done? F*ck yeah! Sign my ass up!

Shout-out to J.D. Simkins at the Military Times for making an actually funny, sarcastic rebuttal to this gigantic waste of time and money.

1.Can't wait to read his tell-all book! 

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2.And on the ​eighth​ day...

3.Civilians think it's adorable. Vets think that baby should fix its go**amn salute before its boot ass has to start pushing the Earth. 

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4.Shots fired. 

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5.Finally, a Christmas tree that my cat won't knock over. 

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6.Sweet! They finally made a Go-Gurt version! 

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7.It's only awkward if you make it awkward. My go-to was to ask if I could play music to help "distract" me — and then I'd play some Marvin Gaye.

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8.You'll still get denied. Because, I mean, who else is going to pull CQ in the empty barracks?

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9."As you can see, we find the Lance Corporal in his natural habitat. He will only return for food, alcohol, or to mate."

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10."Just overlook the early PT formations, toxic leadership, and being smoked because you put your hands in your pockets that one time."

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11.Ever notice how you lose all trust in your squadmates when you start listing who would rat you out and why? 

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12."All around me are familiar faces... worn out places... worn out faces..."

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13.It's a slippery slope. 

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