The weeks between major four-day weekends always blow. You get into a rhythm of sitting on your ass, drinking, and playing video games for an extended period of time only to have a few days of extremely intense duty to make up for all the work you've been missing and will miss over the holidays.

Meanwhile, you're getting pressure to get that damn certificate in to the training room because Uncle Sam won't let you take block leave unless you've proven to them that your car isn't sh*t and you won't drive while tired.

But on the bright side, it's payday week and there're a lot of video games coming out for you to waste your paycheck on. Anyway, enjoy some memes.

1. What's worse? Dealing with 110-degree heat, the constant threat of enemy attacks, actual enemy attacks, incoming mortar fire at 0200, and being treated like absolute garbage by your unit, foreign allies, and the locals you're defending or dealing with your civilian coworker's bullsh*t on Monday mornings?

Tough call.

(Meme via Disgruntled Vets)

2. Well, we tried everything we could think of. Guess it's time for a medical discharge.

(Meme via Smokepit Fairytales)

3. You laugh, but there are senior NCOs out there who actually think the word makes them smarter.

(Meme via Lost in the Sauce)

4. Sneak level: 99.

(Meme via Military Memes)

5. Fortune favors the bold — and history forgets the meek.

(Meme via PT Belt Nation)

6. On this chart, an E1 who can make adult decisions is completely raw.

(Meme via Coast Guard Memes)

7. So glad that meal deduction gets put to good use...

(Meme via Sh*t My LPO Says)

8. The grunt in me can't stand the Air Force mentality but the slacker in me is totally jealous.

(Meme via Air Force amn/nco/snco)

9. Companies are hoping that offering a free meal to veterans would inspire them to bring their families, who then buy some food. Little do most companies know that veterans prowl around town, stuffing their cars full of to-go boxes from around town.

(Meme via Private News Network)

10. A single finger pointing says, "you're wrong." A knife hand says, "you're ate the f*ck up, private!"

(Meme via I am an American Soldier)

11. That just seems... uh, unhygienic.

(Meme via Uniform Humor)

12. "Everyone looks all comfy and worn out from their recent 72-hour mission outside the wire. It'd be a damn shame if an LT lost their nods and a 100%-accountability search party had to go look for them..."

(Meme via Valhalla Wear)

13. If you think about it, ibuprofen has caffeine in it, so by pounding eight Rip-Its, you're just doing exactly what the doc says. It's science, really.

(Meme via Decelerate Your Life)