This year has undoubtedly been a doozie. One we don't wish to repeat any time soon. However, as the calendar dates continue to drone on, we can look into the next few months and realize that soon, we're starting a New Year. (We can only hope 2021 can be much kinder.)

Until then, we can endure whatever the world continues to throw at us. Sit back and enjoy some of the most relatable memes that we can link back to how this year has gone.

Like when you realize this combination is happening. OF COURSE IT IS.

When you stop making excuses about forgetting to clean:

When you’ve wanted an excuse to throw things at kids for years and it’s finally acceptable.

Wondering how many other people had this idea:

Here’s to hoping no one lights the wrong candle on Halloween:

And this is what we are saying to the entirety of the civilian population:

And enjoying the last few minutes before chaos hits: