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In case you didn't know, the former Secretary of Defense, Chaos Actual, Gen. James Mattis (ret.) wrote an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal and it's just ahead of his memoir covering how he learned leadership from his time as a young buck Lt to his time leading the Pentagon.

Of course, Mattis makes a very in-depth analysis into why America's allies are vital and some insight into his resignation last December - but he also makes a case against the tribalistic political-sphere that seemed to envelope 2019. He's always remained apolitical, despite sitting in the Trump cabinet. The petty squabbling and BS just distracts from the mission.

I know reading lists were sort of his thing - and it'd be kind of awkward for him to put his own book on his own reading list for people to buy and read. So just assume it's on there since I don't think he's even updated it since he was last in the office.

Anyways, here are some memes to get your extended weekend started while I shamelessly give an unsponsored plug for the Patron Saint of Chaos' new book.

1.Apparently, civilians aren't impressed with your range qual scores when you put it on your resume. Who knew? 

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2."He flipped a chair? Just a single chair?"

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3."This one time. I did push-ups. And kept doing them until the drill instructor got tired of watching us do push-ups. The end."

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4.The military kinda makes you hate people who go on profile instead of sucking it up. Once you get out, you'll kinda wish you actually did get that pain documented...

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6.There's no way this is intentional. There's HAS to be some f*ckery going on at the command and staff meeting. 

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7.I'm unfamiliar with Coast Guard vessels. Are you saying that the top one won't ever show up on Sundays?

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8.Not sure if it's Sergeant Major coming in at 0300 or if the Horsemen of the Apocalypse have finally started riding. Either way, it's about to get interesting. 

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9.Don't think of it as "troops getting married young and too soon." Think of it as us giving them the "Disney Princess experience."

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10.Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

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11.It's not hazing if someone yells "Combatives, Go." Totally. That's in the rules, somewhere... 

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12.Your entire time at Germany or Korea will be a drunken blur you'll never forget. 

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13.Sounds about right. 

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