The higher-ups at the U.S. Army Garrison Fort Carson instituted a new ban on the sale of alcohol past 2200. It's going to be put in place on Monday, June 17, so this will be the last weekend troops there can buy liquor through AAFES until 0800.

On one hand, I totally understand the frustration. Which soldier hasn't run out of beer at midnight and needed to stumble to the Class Six to pick up another six-pack? That's part of the whole "Lower Enlisted" experience. On the other hand, I get why. It's a reactionary step that the chain of command took in response to the rise in alcohol-related incidents while not outright banning alcohol in the first place.

There's an easy workaround, and it's probably one the chain of command might already know and actually prefer. Just stockpile all the booze in the barracks room. Think about it. If all the booze is in one place, there's no safer place for a young soldier to get sh*tfaced drunk. A few steps away from their bed, there's an NCO within shouting distance at the CQ desk, usually the unit medic is nearby, and any alcohol-related issues can be handled within house.

So if you're stationed at Carson, here are some memes while you stockpile booze like it's the apocalypse.

1."Let's fill this nearly indestructible behemoth of a vehicle with hard metal and sharp points. What could possibly go wrong?" - Said the creator of the MRAP, probably. 

(Meme via Infantry Follow Me)

2.Funny how six years of military experience still doesn't qualify you for most entry-level positions...

(Meme via Team Non-Rec)

3.Never, and I say again, never answer your barracks room door around the time of CQ changeover. Nothing good will ever come of it. 

(Meme via Not CID)

4.Oh. And he got his Nazi scalps. 

(Meme via Victor Alpha Clothing)

5.Yet they're either pretty good marksmen and quiet about it or extremely cocky and terrible. There's no in between. 

(Meme via Coast Guard Memes)

6."Oh. Just paperwork? Okay..."

(Meme via Air Force amn/nco/snco)

7.Don't worry about falling out. You're not missing much... 

(Meme via Disgruntled Vets)

8.One has ruined the lives of countless men throughout human history, leaving them broken, alone, and with nothing left to show for it... and with the other, you shoot a rifle. Tough choice. 

(Meme via Valhalla Wear)

9.Me? Nah. 

(Meme via ASMDSS)

10.  And yet whenever I clean the range, I always find the casings left over from Private George Washington's time. 

(Meme via Pop Smoke)

11. We all did our part, yes, but not all deployments were created equally...

(Meme via Air Force Nation & Humor)

12. True story: My squad leader once tried to get me with that, and I responded with a "Why? we already got a PRC-E5 right here."... I swear my body still hurts thinking about that low crawl around the motor pool. Worth it though. 

(Meme via Weapons of Meme Destruction)

13. At least it's a plan. 

(Meme via Uniform Humor)