The Marines and Aussie Airmen recently made the news because of a misunderstanding in local dialect and cultural differences. The story then got blown out of proportion, as was reported by LADBible, that the Aussies were 'banned' from using their slang. Sure, on the surface, it sounds like a funny headline but when you look a bit deeper into it - the entire situation isn't as dumb as people are making it out to be.

One of the slang terms to get axed was "nah, yeah." Anyone who's ever talked to someone from the Midwest who also says it, knows that just means "yeah." Another one was "lucked out." Which isn't a problem at all if you figure out the context clues to know that it was used either literally or sarcastically.

Aussie slang isn't really all that difficult to understand. The only one that could actually cause confusion is their slang for sandals - which is 'thongs.' Having personally seen an Aussie compound while on deployment, it's a little jarring to read the signs outside their showers reading "must wear thongs before entering" and expecting everyone to be rocking a Borat man-kini.

Anyways - here are some memes.

There's an Avengers: Endgame reference in the third meme - so if you don't care about a minor throwaway joke from early in the film that has since been used in the post-release trailers...

1."Meh. Could use a change of scenery. Gets a bit boring going into deserts all the damn time."

(Meme via Infantry Follow Me)

2.That moment when you realize your two days of MCMAP training doesn't even get you a yellow belt from the kid's karate class at the mall. 

(Meme via The Army's Fckups)

3.Good luck waking up at 0445 to go for a run when no one is there to yell at you for sleeping in. 

(Meme by WATM)

4.Putting the "Petty" in "Petty Officer" since 1790. 

(Meme via Coast Guard Memes)

5.If it looks stupid, but works - it ain't stupid. If it looks awesome as f*ck and works - promote ahead of peers. 

(Meme via Disgruntled Vets)

6.At least he's got the trigger discipline down...

(Meme via Valhalla Wear)

7.Being in the military is stressful. If you can't relax and take the edge off by doing idiotic and childish things every now and then - then what's the point?

(Meme via ASMDSS)

8.The answer is probably "bored as f*ck for the 72nd hour at the retrans site."

(Meme via Do You Even Comm, Bro?)

9.Nope. No one will suspect a thing when you just show up in the last rank of the formation. Coincidentally, "last rank" may come up more than once in what remains of your career. 

(Meme via Private News Network)

10. Jokes on you, he's not trying to work out. He's trying to get out of it. 

(Meme via Military Memes)

11. Press F to pay respects

(Meme via Pop Smoke)

12. Never fall for that trap. 

(Meme via Decelerate Your Life)

13. Being a member of the Armed Forces gets you a seat at the table, not the love of the DoD. 

(Meme via Dank MP Memes)