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Whelp. According to August's Medical Surveillance Monthly Report submitted by the Pentagon, the Navy is officially the fattest branch of the Department of Defense at a whopping 22% of all sailors being obese. Not "doesn't meet physical requirements" but obese. It's still way below the 39.8% of the national average, according to the CDC, but still.

In case you were wondering, the Air Force is second at 18%, the Army (who usually takes this record) is at just 17%, and the Marines are at 8.3%. To be fair to every other branch, the Marines have the youngest average age of troops despite also taking the record for "most knee and back problems."

But, I mean, the placement of your branch isn't something to be proud of. If you compare the percentages to where they were at three years ago, and eight years ago, each branch nearly doubled their "big boy" percentage.

So yes. In case you were wondering... The military HAS gone soft since you left a few years ago.

Anyways, here are some memes.

1."The Gang Learns Acceptance"

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2.If you thought I look dead inside back then, wait until you see me now! 

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3."What am I supposed to do? Make new friends like a well adjusted adult? F*ck that!"

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4.I mean... It's not entirely incorrect. 

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5.No TV show truly captured the inner dynamics of the military like Invader Zim. 

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6.On mission, that really is essential equipment.

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7."On-base, you're the law. In the barracks, it's me. Don't push it. Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe." - Every E-4 ever who was just asked to mop the latrine. 

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8.Why in the hell are they the only assholes in the entire military to have (and be able to enforce) an office hours schedule? I guess "until mission complete" isn't a service-wide thing. 

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9.Dependas serve too! They have the bumper sticker to prove it and everything. 

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10.I heard the dude ahead of me sing the National Anthem and I get this. This is just some bullsh*t. 

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11.You say "going black on ammo" like it's a bad thing. 

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12.Surprise, mother f*cker! Connex duty at 1655!

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