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Awh yeah! It's Army-Navy Game time, folks! You'd think troops would hate the game, but we f*cking love it! Any other day of the year and you'd be hard-pressed to find a single troop who'd actively give a damn about a bunch of academy soon-to-be butter bars who finally show up for some sports PT. But nope! It's about branch pride this weekend!

Even the Marines full-heartedly accept they're apart of the Navy for one afternoon. That entirely depends on if they win, of course. Vegas odds put the Midshipmen at a slightly better chance of winning after the Army went on that five-game losing streak, but they've come back from worse odds.

If Navy does win, they get the Commander-in-Chief Trophy back at Annapolis. If Army wins, they retain the trophy because the wins are spread out like it's a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" style match-up since Army already lost to Air Force... Wait a second...

That was almost six weeks ago? Huh. Even when the Army is having a sh*tty year, we all kind of forget about the Air Force Academy... Anyways, here are some memes.

1.I take it that Command Private Major isn't a legit thing yet?

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2.Anakin was definitely a private. He kept losing his weapon, never learned anything his Squad Leader taught him, and he kept complaining about the sand as if anyone gave a damn. 

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3."Sure...fell off..."

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4.I mean, technically, troops have mastered all those fluff qualifications. "Must work well in a team or alone." Check. "Must have a keen attention to detail." Check. "Must work well under stressful conditions." Double check. 

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5.If the commander got a bouncy house and didn't expect the lower enlisted to get in it... That's kind of their own damn fault. 

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6.This is the way. 

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7.Another sh*tty part about the Coast Guard being apart of the Armed Forces is they don't get any of that Department of Defense budget. 

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8.It might have been a run-down dump since the Cold War, but god help you if anyone brings a toaster inside... 

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9.For everyone crying out "but what about your pro-mask seals?" I'd like to politely ask you when was the last time you saw anyone actually carry a pro-mask with them out on patrol in an accessible position and not in the bottom of a ruck (or in the vehicle) for any reason other than the TOCroach LT randomly tagging along. 


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10.It's not all bad. When CSM chewed my ass out, it sucked. When chewed out an over-cocky LT, he tore the every living Hell out of that sorry ass. 

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11.I have no shame about it. That free Army-branded backpack came in handy during my senior year of high school and may have swayed my decision to enlist...

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12.E-4 isn't a pay grade. It's a state of mind world-wide. 

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13.Go Army, Beat Navy!

It's technically a photo from last year but since it's still relevant and I've held onto it since then, so it makes it in. Bite me.

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