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On Wednesday, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper released a memo to the troops reminding them that it's against the Uniform Code of Military Justice for active-duty troops to participate in anything political while in uniform. Obviously, it's not saying that troops can't hold political opinions or that they can't participate in anything while in civilian clothes.

It's just saying while in uniform as it gives the impression all troops support one candidate/policy/movement. Why? I'm so glad you asked my rhetorical question. Because civilians (and I'm taking the politically neutral stance by mocking both sides of the aisle on this one) tend not to know any better. They look at Private Snuffy in his dress blues, and they just see his uniform and assume he's some official envoy from the military because that's apparently the Pentagon giving their seal of approval - which they're obviously not.

It's like how civilians all assume every troop knows every aspect of how WWIII is going to play out. Private Snuffy is clearly fifty levels too low on the totem pole for that kind of stuff, but the civilians wouldn't know. I'm just saying. Even top generals appointed by a sitting president can't even clap during their State of the Union because of this rule, so even they are obviously not going to officially back any politician.

But who am I kidding? We all know troops aren't going to listen, and there's going to be at least one ASVAB-waiver this political cycle who'd rather be the poster boy for social media likes than follow the rules. Here are some memes.

1.No lies detected. 

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2.Legend has it, the poor private is still low crawling from Ft Irwin to Ft Campbell to this day...

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3.Oh boy!

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4."You finished work at 1645 so you can stand in formation. That's technically early" - said every NCO ever. 

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5.All the coolness of being a commo guy goes out the window when you realize 90% of your job is basically just like adjusting a clock on a microwave. 

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6.You can't be out of uniform if you're not even in uniform...

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7."I don't know, CSM made a good point when he said the only job for me out there was Wal-Mart greeter." 

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8.So it was made by the lowest bidder so a politician can help their donor? Got it. 

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9.Because that would cost a whole ten cents more on the government's part?

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10.Poseidon's kiss sounds all cool and nautical like until you realize what it is. 

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11.I swear... stormtroopers in Star Wars have better aim than some people. 

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12.Press [F] to pay respects. 

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13.Whoever came up with the idea of road guards was an absolute genius. "By the time the car runs over one of our E-1's, hopefully they'll realize they should hit the brakes before running over the rest of our formation!"

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