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Hope you guys enjoyed your block leave. It's always nice to go back home, relax, grow that pathetic excuse of a two-week beard, and not have to think about anything military-related until that inevitable flight back to your installation.

Hope nothing big happened in those two weeks... Oh... F*ck... Nevermind... Literally everything went to sh*t while you were trying to hook up with your old high school fling because it's time to get your packing list in order.

Now would be a good time for you to smoke one if you got one because the sh*t hit the fan big time. Unless you're under 21. We can't have law-breaking juveniles in our ranks while we're about to head into another major conflict.

And this entire vacation, I was just waiting to make a joke about the Space Force finally being a thing but noooOOOooo. Anyways, here are some memes.

1.Wait until they realize traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of teenage mortality and the driving age will go up to 25... But we still need those troops in the prime of their life. 

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2.Kids these days won't understand the feeling of trading your platoon's extra battery supply for a case of Rip-Its because there's no other way of getting through a 48-hour op. 

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3.Because, you know, completing correspondence courses is a legitimate way of analyzing one's leadership potential...

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4.And the Marine Corps' budget is about to get even smaller with the sixth newest branch.

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5.Real talk: If we go to Iran, it would be a separate conflict from the GWOT as it's nation vs nation instead of fighting terrorism. So that would mean we'd realistically get to add a star to our CIBs/CABs/CMBs, right?

That may weigh heavily on my decision to reenlist...

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6.At least it's one more year closer to your ETS.

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7.Everyone hates work, but it feels like the people at the VA just lost all semblance of any f*cks to give. 

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8.You are now aware that the 60's Spider-Man theme song makes an excellent running cadence. 

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9.We laugh, but I'm sure someone at the VA has tried this BS on someone before...

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10."We would like to welcome the newest and fifth member to the Department of Defense. The decision was obvious and there's no one more deserving of this prestigious position." 

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11.There's building character and then there's risking your troop's health and lively to appease an antiquated version of what the "military was like back in your day." 

Don't let anyone fool you. The sweatpants we wore with our PTs back in the BDU era were the comfiest things ever.

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12.Honestly the most real scene in the entirety of Star Wars because, yeah, troops anywhere in the galaxy will always find dumb sh*t to do while bored. 

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13.It be like that sometimes. 

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