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The Air Force has officially pushed back the required uniform change for the OCP uniform from today until September 1, because, you know, literally everything that's going on in the world right now.

That's awesome for the troops who've been preoccupied and a nice pat on the back for the few that actually took the initiative early. But kicking that can down the road just means that there's still going to be a bunch of E-2's in three months still showing up to formation with the wrong boots.

Anyway, here are some memes.

1.Drill sergeant said he’d either make us smart or strong. And there were a lot of strong idiots in my unit…

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2.Swearing? In my military? Someone call a congressman!

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3.I don’t think even the full-bird had the guts to tell my chief his mustache was out of regs. That is, if they could ever find him.

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4.What is it with military dental and collecting our wisdom teeth? I mean, I’ll take the quarters slip but I’m just wondering why?

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5.And the last thing the poor bastard ever heard was “Doot doo da dodo. Mana mana. Doot doo da doot!”

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6.Except you. Dear viewer. No, you were probably one of the good ones.

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7.I’m kinda sad that I never got a call saying I had to be on staff duty after I got out. But then again, I also rubbed my DD-214, quite literally might I add, in everyone’s face.

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8.I just want to give a huge shoutout to every recruiter, Drill instructor/sergeant, and veteran these new guys met along the way that intentionally never mentioned how we screw with them. You guys played your parts to keep the jokes running.

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9.Doesn’t matter how many times I see a space shuttle fly off… I just like imagining I’m on it and flying away from all this bullsh*t.

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10.I’ll defend my answer from the board. There is nothing in the truck of damn near every flagpole. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

If the "razor, match and bullet" thing were true, you'd think there'd be a single recorded instance of it somewhere in any of the military's vast catalogue of regulations, documents and photos. And even if it were true, the idea that the bullet is supposed to be used for the pistol also buried somewhere nearby is also extremely counter-productive. But sure. I'm the dumba** for saying it's nothing because I'm not willing to believe a superstition.

Yes. I'm still sour about that one.

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11.“Chooo Chooooooooo”

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12.I heard someone recently say, “Back when I was in the Army, we didn’t blah blah blah…” Keep in mind that this dude enlisted about three years ago and I’ve been out for six…

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13.The grass is always greener, they said. Until you realize it’s all the same AstroTurf…

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