Still no news about Kim Jong Un – even after TMZ reported (yet didn't confirm) his death on April 25 and everyone outside the Intelligence community has been coming up with their own theories, whether he died during a botched heart surgery to whatever because he missed two major holiday appearances.

I don't know. The logical side of my brain says that he's probably smart enough to know that being a dictator of the country with rampant malnutrition, horrid living conditions and legalized crystal meth is doing far worse when their only trading partner is the epicenter of a deadly pandemic. He's probably been self-isolating like everyone else in the world (except his countrymen).

But I'm still hoping the methed-out cardiothoracic surgeon did him in. Anyways, here are some memes…

1.Be all that you can be!

(Meme via Army as F*ck)

2.Either you’ve become a fitness guru/social media influencer or you’ve let yourself become a fat piece of garbage. There is no in between.

(Meme via Disgruntled Vets)

3.I mean, if the CSM’s idea was for the Joes to cut each other’s hair, that’s still going against social distancing guidelines. Don’t worry. Military readiness will stay intact – even if someone’s hair touches their ears.

(Meme via US Army WTF Moments Memes)

4.“Yep. Totally listening to you guys. Just don’t worry what’s pulled up on my other tabs…”

(Meme via Call for Fire)

5.It’s called atmosphericals and it’s 90% of what anyone does outside the wire.

(Meme via Infantry Follow Me)

6.I know on the enlisted side, we called anyone going green to gold as “joining the dark side.” But then again, I’ve rarely ever seen an E-8 or above smile when it doesn’t involve rolling some sh*t downhill at the Joes.

(Meme via The Army's Fckups)

8.In case you were worried if the Space Force wouldn’t have an absolute madlad in charge of the sickest sixth branch.

(Tweet via the Madlad himself, Gen. Jay Raymond)

9.I hated every minute of that stuff… But I’d do it all in a heartbeat again if me and the guys were all back together…

(Meme via Valhalla Wear)

10.The grass on the PT field is probably starting to grow back green and beautiful yet CSM will have a moral dilemma about what to do when everything returns to normal.

(Meme via VET Tv)

11.Can’t argue with that logic.

(Meme via Uniform Humor)

12.Plot twist: The platoon sergeant was also f*cking around behind the formation... just out of sight of the Joes.

(Meme via Private News Network)

13.There will never again be anything as majestic as the SR-71 ever again. Press [F] to pay respects.

(Meme via Pop Smoke)