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This week, airmen all over the world are finally able to don their super cool, super high-speed OCPs. Meanwhile, the Army has just one more year of ACUs before they have to be completely switched to the same pattern. Airmen are loving it, but soldiers have been reacting with a near-unanimous "are you f*cking kidding me?"

The airmen love it because they're no longer in those ridiculous, tiger-stripe uniform. Soldiers hate it because, well, they're cramping our style. If the Air Force starts claiming they were a part of the Army during the Pinks & Greens era to get in on that perfect getup (instead of that flight attendant costume), then we might have a problem.

What were we talking about again? Oh, yeah. Enjoy these memes.

1. I'm convinced Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Wright and Sergeant Major of the Army Dailey are in a constant fight to see who can improve their respective branch most.

(Meme via Air Force Nation & Humor)

2. "Well, brothers. It's time to bring democracy to that light."

(Meme via Smokepit Fairytales)

3. Watch out — all of that junk food, smoking, booze, and pizza will catch up to you when you're not forced to run 6 miles every morning. 

(Meme via Coast Guard Memes)

4. Say what you will about Freddy Krueger, but he never destroyed everything because someone left a locker undone. 

(Meme via Lost in the Sauce)

5. You'd be shocked at the correlation between "embracing the suck" and retention numbers. 

(Meme via Disgruntled Vets)

6. To be fair, at least your dumpster isn't on fire like most military installations. 

(Meme via Sh*t My LPO Says)

7. That whole "honesty and integrity" thing only applies when you're not telling your first sergeant why your NCO didn't make it to dental. 

(Meme via PNN)

8. This is entirely how we got our chief marketing officer at We Are The Mighty. 

(Meme via Pop Smoke)

9. Shots fired. 

(Meme via Dysfunctional Veterans)

10. Get you someone who treats you like Jalapeno Cheese. 

(Meme by Inkfidel)

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11. You'd think officers and their college training would mean that they'd know better than to death-by-PowerPoint their troops.

(Meme via Shammers United)

12. So what you're saying is that infantry doesn't know how to work a laundry machine and wastes their clothing allowance on booze? 

(Meme via Infantry Follow Me)

13. The E-4 Mafia doesn't take kindly to your attempt at leaving our fine establishment. 

(Meme via The Salty Soldier)