(Meme via US Army WTF Moments Memes)

There hasn't been a more shining example of how great the military meme community can be than when its faced with a possible WWIII. The media is reporting every last detail, the civilians are clutching their pearls, and the vets? We're completely unphased at the prospect of another multi-decade war.

All geopolitics and possible danger aside, at least gearing up for war is a hell of a lot better than just sitting around doing CQ, motor pool Mondays, and online correspondence courses...

Actual war may be benched - but the meme war will continue!

1.Who knew that troops were such conversationalists? 

(Meme via Army as F*ck)

2.Adam Driver really is one of us up on the big screen. 

(Meme via Jenna Boom)

3.You are now aware that the military's prime recruitment base is made up of entirely Gen. Z'ers (anyone born after 1995) 

(Meme via Roller Vader)

4.Yeah. Darth Vader was a true Sergeant Major. More feared than the guy who technically outranks him and isn't afraid to choke out someone at a Command & Staff meeting. 

​(Meme via US Army WTF Moments Memes)

5.Sure. Having severe back problems before the age of thirty couldn't possibly be service connected...

(Meme via Call for Fire)

6.Try not to get fat while on IRR. If they call you up, you won't come back in at the same rank that you left as. 

(Meme via Team Non-Rec)

7.Per Diem is just Uncle Sam giving us beer money. Prove me wrong. 

(Meme via Not CID)

8.Is it still being a Jodie if the dude who slept with your ex gets drafted? I'm asking for a friend...

(Meme via Victor Alpha Clothing)

9."Just getting it documented" should be the best excuse. Except it isn't...

(Meme via Lost in the Sauce)

10.I mean, fighting an insurgency is different. Look how well we did during the Persian Gulf War. Saddam fought Iran to a stand still after eight years and we waffle stomped him in about a month. Now consider the fact that Iran hasn't really upgraded their military since then and we've just been training constantly...

(Meme via PT Belt Nation)

11.Because, you know, we need to acclimatize for a war in a desert by doing PT in shorts and a t-shirt...

(Meme via Disgruntled Vets)

12.It was all fun and games until someone sh*t talked Waffle House...

(Meme via Pop Smoke)

13.You got 'em, boys. You're really keeping this country safe...

​(Meme via Decelerate Your Life)