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So, in weird military news, the former range director and several others at Hawaii's Schofield Barracks have pleaded guilty to an insane amount of bribery. And I don't mean your run of the mill "here's twenty bucks. Say I shot a perfect 40/40" either. I mean, he received antique sports cars, diamond earrings, and a nice arsenal of firearms in kickbacks to help squeeze through lucrative government contracts.

I get that GS-12 contractors make far more than an E-9, but you'd think someone would have noticed that the retired Sergeant Major is now rolling up in a souped-up '69 Ford Galaxie overnight. Like, I'm pretty sure all of those stupid internet training videos the military makes us do twice a month specifically point out that this is a red flag.

But honestly. The dude took over $700,000 in bribes, and I bet the range still worked like sh*t. Or that's at least my excuse whenever the 50M target won't go down when I swear I shot that motherf*cker... Anyways, here are some memes.

1.Don't Blue Falcon the entire company. Get a damn Uber home from the bar. 

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3.Oh. You thought NCOs were safe from the Big Green Weenie? They're the first ones to get smacked by it. 

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4.It's all worth it for that sweet, sweet DD-214 beard. 

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5.It's the hardest participation ribbon the military has to offer. 

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6.All it takes is a stack of free pancakes to turn me into the biggest vetbro on the internet. 

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7.Rules are made to be broken. 

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8.Never forget that Homer is a Navy vet and works a good enough job to afford a dream home, two cars, lobster for dinner and everything else that drove Frank Grimes mad.

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9.I mean... Yeah. 

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10.Still more accurate than the Hurt Locker...

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11.Me, not in aviation: "I don't get it. What's the worst that cou... *quick Google search* Oh. Dear God... That's horrifying."

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12.I know I was always clean. But knowing how freaking hard the hammer comes down on you for doing that sh*t, I still sh*t myself every time. 

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13.No one showed up to my homecoming ceremony but the bartender did remember my name when I "came back after, like, a really long time." Does that count as touching? 

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