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I didn't know this needed to be said in an official military statement, but apparently, troops have to be told not to use CBD oil that they found on the internet because it will almost certainly make them pop hot on a piss test for marijuana use.

In case you aren't aware, CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, is derived from marijuana plants and put into various products. Even the products that label themselves as having no THC are either flat-out lying (because the lack of FDA approval and zero government oversight won't get the BBB's attention) or still contain enough trace amounts to fail a urinalysis.

And look. I'm not trying to discredit the value of CBD oil. Whatever floats your boat. I got my DD-214 and give no f*cks for what you do with your life. I'm just saying: if you're still in the military and use a product that says it can treat all of the same things as prescription weed, is made from weed, and, depending on the product, gives the effects of being high on weed... Don't try to play dumb when the commander says they found weed in your pee.

Besides, the military is already under the control of a miracle cure-all drug monopoly. It's called Motrin. Anyways, here are some memes.

1.At least they got the first nine words right...

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2.The worst part about Saturday CQ isn't the lack of comp day. It's being stuck in the barracks while all your bros are doing dumb sh*t because you can't join them and you might have to do something about it if 1SG makes the rounds for no reason at all. 

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3."Enjoy the freedom and democracy!"

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4."Roger Wilco."

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5.You gotta do what you gotta do to make quota. 

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6.Fun fact. The most famous photo from D-Day of the soldiers making the landing was taken by a Coastie. The Army called the Coast Guard before they even considered letting the Marines join in. 

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7.I've always said that I want my remains scattered across Disneyland and that I always hated cremation... 

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8.Funny how it's out of your check immediately but somehow years before it can get back to you... 

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9.Every. F*cking. Time. 

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10.Until proven otherwise, non-deployed infantrymen are still POGs. And I mean, actual deployments. 

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11.A single scoop of almost-room temperature vanilla ice cream is totally worth the Big Green Weenie. 

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12.Complete with the flamethrowing guitar guy. That'll probably be me. 

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13.Soldiers come and go but infantrymen never change. 

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