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So the Expert Soldier Badge is now a thing. And I mean, I get the concept behind it. Army infantrymen and medics go through a rigorous course to prove their merit to be bestowed a shiny badge - their own Expert Infantry/Medic Badge. And it's not a bad thing for soldiers of every other MOS to have something to strive for. But here's the thing. Infantrymen and medics don't give a flying f*ck about the EIB/EMB if they have their Combat Infantry/Medic Badge.

It all goes back to how you earn them. My old infantry first sergeant once told me that "one is because you know your sh*t. The other is because you been through the sh*t." You can only wear one of them, so everyone picks the one that shows they gave Uncle Sam what their contract says they would.

And I even get that every MOS outside the 11 and 68 series are less likely to earn their Combat Action Badge. But like. The CAB is the one thing you point to to tell everyone you're not some POG-ass commo guy. But like... One badge says you're not a POG, and the other says that you've read plenty of books on how to be less of a POG... I'm just saying...

Whatever. We all know the ESB was invented just because of some staff officers that got pissy because the Pathfinder Badge isn't around anymore for them to look slightly more impressive than the other butter bars. Anyways, here are some memes.

1.If you need me. I'll be on that mileage pass that I totally put in and S1 must have "lost."

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2."My profile says I can't lift more than 50lbs but it says nothing about putting points on that board!"

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3.After all the weird sh*t I tell civilians, they still get hung up on using an MRE as a toilet for some reason... Like, for real? That's where the line was?

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4.How about a "You're welcome?"

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5.I'm going to miss you f*ckers. 

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6.So glad my DD-214 protects me from that horse sh*t. 

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7.One of my "can't get right" privates from back in the day is now a drill sergeant. I know a lot can happen in eight years but man...

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8."It has to be true. It was on the internet!" - Said every [insert ideological group you personally disagree with here] ever. 

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9.The apathetic E-7's are truly one of a kind. Keep them close because they have to know they won't go higher and have absolutely nothing to lose and will do whatever to make things easier. Piss them off and, well, they got nothing else to lose. 

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10.It still shocks me how I was able to wake up at 0500, let alone completely hungover from the night before. 

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11.Some might assume he's being smoked because he started the fire. Anyone who's been in the military knows that he could have literally done anything and the Drill Instructor just doesn't give a sh*t. 

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12.Next bunk, asshole!

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13.Good luck with that, buddy...

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