It's no secret that this year is super strange for parents. Still reeling from months in quarantine, working from home and homeschooling, parents everywhere are now staring down the barrel of summer vacations with far fewer options than they had in previous years. Parents are navigating uncharted territory, and there's no doubt it's putting their parenting skills, their patience, their sanity to the test. But here's the thing, you're not alone, parents. We're all in this together. All you can do is take it one day at a time, power through and find a way to cope. Someday this will all be a distant memory. In the meantime, they say laughter is good medicine, so here are a few parenting memes that will make you feel seen and perhaps LOL just a little. Enjoy!



I think I need to change my name.


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But they'll hear the crackle of a candy wrapper from down the block.

3.Worst coworkers ever

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Can I speak to your manager?

4.Fowl language


Well played life, well played.

5.Find your zen


Wait until we get home.



Let's hope no one checks my search history.


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Giving wine for a teacher appreciation gift doesn't seem so stupid now, does it?

8.You got this

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Shouts from the couch: "Wear your helmet!"


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Maybe 199 is the sweet spot and their trick will actually work?



For answers: Divide and conquer.


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Moving might be easier.

12.The days are long, the years are short

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Is this thing on?



Target: Therapy for moms since 1902.


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Mental note: Just start with Batman.

15.Beast mode


There's bread on the counter and water in the sink. Cheers!

16.E.T. find me a nap

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Try as I may.

17.All the motivation

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Rules? What Rules?


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This wasn't on my "summer with the kids" bingo card.

19.Time flies

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And hours go by like minutes while I'm scrolling.

20.So early

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Brace yourselves and hydrate!

21.Empathy is important

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Yup, sounds about right.

22.Whose kid is this?

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Your circus, your monkeys.


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There's gotta be a box around here somewhere...