Sometimes things are donated because they've lost their value. Sometimes, they're donated because their value isn't understood.

A Purple Heart belonging to Herbert Louis Janssen was donated to the Sons of the Legion Post 162 in Lemay, MO yesterday, KSDK in St. Louis reported, and employees are looking for a family member of the recipient to return the medal too. In a phone call with KSDK, an employee said, "We would like to get it back to its original owner or his family." The legion is asking for people to share the photo of the medal, "and help us return this medal to the hero it belongs to!" the woman said to KSDK.

According to, Herbert Louis Janssen was born May 26, 1924 and died Nov. 7, 1976 at 52 years of age. He served in World War II and is buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in Lemay, MO.

Anyone with information on who the medal should belong to now should contact George Gray at 314-518-3307.