Here's a question that could change your life: What matters most to you in your life? The answer can start you on the path to Whole Health.

Whole Health puts the focus of health care on the veteran rather than just the veteran's illnesses and symptoms. It's a patient-centered approach that considers the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental factors that can influence your health. Veterans examine these areas of their lives and set goals based on what matters most to them. In turn, those goals drive the health planning decisions they make with their VA care team.

All VA medical centers and clinics now offer training in Whole Health and personal health planning, as well as a range of well-being programs.

Whole Health success stories

Veteran receives Battlefield Acupuncture from Dr. Nieves at the Atlanta VA. BFA is one of several Complementary Integrative Health approaches within the VA's Whole Health System.

From California to Wisconsin and New Jersey to Missouri, veterans who practice Whole Health report that they're moving, eating and sleeping better. Some have overcome significant problems, such as addiction or issues with PTSD. Others have lost weight or reduced stress and pain without medication. You can read some of their stories here.

You can also watch "Discover What Matters," a video inspired by these stories.

For more information about personal health planning, self-care and well-being programs — plus videos, apps and articles — visit the VA Whole Health website.

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