Ah, Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy yourselves and take some time to remember our fallen brothers and sisters. I can only speak for myself, but I know my boys all would have wanted me to crack open a cold one for them.

Take it easy. Relax. Call one of your old squadmates and check up on them. I'm not going to sound like your first sergeant and tell you to not "don't do dumb sh*t" over the long weekend. Go ahead — just be responsible about it and try to stay off the blotter.

Anyways, here're some memes.

1.It doesn't matter if a 2nd Lt goes to West Point or regular OCS. A butterbar is still a butterbar.

(Meme via Army as F*ck)

2.I don't know what you guys are complaining about. My recruiter never lied to me. He told me I'd travel the world and get f*cked every day.

(Meme via Pop Smoke)

3.D'awww, the littlest Lt thinks their associate's degree in marine biology actually helps them in the Marine Corps.

(Meme via Disgruntled Vets)

4.And the military wonders why divorce rates are so high among the enlisted...

(Meme via Private News Network)

5.Pro-tip from the E-4 Mafia: Call in the gut truck. E-7s who barely make tape can't resist the urge.

(Meme via The Salty Soldier)

6.Apparently, "normal girls" aren't interested in hearing our stories about betting on scorpion death fights or that time you put a camel spider in your PL's shower.

(Meme via Pop Smoke)

7."No, dude. I'm totally not regretting it out here. My paycheck totally covers my rent, food, gas money, gym membership, vacation days, and ammo at the firing range. Why do you ask?"

(Meme via The Salty Soldier)

8.A sniper hits their target 100 percent of the time — as long as they don't really care what they hit.

(Meme via Uniform Humor)

9.Sergeant majors aren't known for their subtlety.

(Meme via Military Memes)

10.What were you expecting? If you're trying to impress people just off-post, remember that everyone from the auto mechanics to the taxi drivers to the gut truck owners probably served.

(Meme via Air Force amn/nco/snco)

11."It's civilian life, sir. I had a minor setback."

(Meme by We Are The Mighty)

12.Prince Harry really is veteran AF. He's always promoting veteran charities, he's occasionally in the news for partying too hard, and he even rocks an operator beard.

(Meme via /r/military)

13.I see nothing wrong with this. She's got her PT belt on and everything.

(Meme via Smokepit Fairy Tales)