Military Life

11 military memes that will wow you

(Photo by Staff Sgt. John Etheridge)

Service members from all ranks experience some crazy things during their time in uniform. From taking on the bad guys in a firefight to surviving some crazy accidents that most civilians couldn't stomach — it's all just part of the job.

We embrace the suck and, in the process, develop a unique sense of humor that's not for everyone. For us, laughing at the crazy events of our daily life in service makes us stronger and helps us to push through the next dangerous mission with smiles on our faces.

When we tell people the true stories of what we've seen and done, the average man or woman lets out an exasperated "wow."

These memes have the same effect:

1.This is the most adorable F-15 we've ever seen — or is it some sort of nasty parasite?

2.That look says it all...

3.Firefights can be pretty fun, but this guy takes his excitement to a whole new level

4.There's no better time to enjoy a Rip It than after an Osprey crash

5.The sweetest bunch of killers you'll ever meet

6.Tankers tend to do whatever they want whenever they want — seriously, who's going to stop them?

7.Haters will say this image is photoshopped

8.It's one thing to try and get attention, but this is some next-level sh*t

Via popsmoke

9.Military punishments just get funnier and funnier

10.This has to be the meanest prank ever played on Marines

11.Dogs are known for being man's best friend — but can you really trust those fuzzballs?