(U.S. Air Force photo by Josh Plueger)

Officers, medical staff, and interpreters are a few of the high-value targets that enemy forces focus on first while in a war zone. But the enemy also has their crosshairs on another professional that's excellent at sniffing out homemade bombs: military working dogs.

Over 1,600 dogs train and serve alongside our brave troops, adept at hunting down the nasty ingredients used to produce those dangerous IEDs. Despite the serious nature of their mission, military working dogs are the subject of some of the funniest memes ever created.

1.Our well-trained buddies take care of their friends — and completely rip apart those who threaten their handlers.

2.And you thought your work week was stressful...

3.The bad guys better be on the lookout for these furry missiles. They strike on command.

4.Working dogs are even capable of spotting "Rarl's" bullsh*t. That takes some major talent.

5.It's not a good idea to mess with a sniper's dog. Our furry friends can also make for great spotters.

6.If you spot a K-9 with a thousand-yard stare behind a machine gun, you better freakin' run.

7.It doesn't matter what species your platoon Corpsman is, they all have great advice.

8.If there's one bit of advice you should always follow, it's never f*ck with a Marine and his dog. Their bond is forever.

9.Trained dogs always find time to get some snuggle time in.

10.Yup, that pretty much sums it all up.

11.Not only do they detect the enemies' nasty bombs, they'll file all the paperwork, too.